Technical Translator in Japan 

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Technical Translator in Japan

Trade show promotion, Translation support for technical meetings in Japan.


Technical Translator "Kogyo Tsuyaku" offers translation services for on-line technical meetings, ISO/TS remote audits,  machine installation, run off and on-line technical trouble shooting.
For the trade shows (face to face / remote) exhibitors, we offer technical translation and sales promotion service if required.
In order to check the connectivity, it's required to have on-line briefing in advance. 


Field of Experiences:

Audit:   ISO/TS, SNI (Indonesian Quality Management Systems), PPAP, GMS, etc.
Machine run off:  Installation, modification, overhaul, run off, sign off (Safety, Machine integration, PLC, robbot control, mechanical/electrical changes, etc.)
Technical trainings: Internal or external trainer's translation support (Electrical, Control, Mechanical, Maintenance, Safety, Quality, etc.)
Business meetings: Technical meetings
Automotive Production:  Welding, Stamping, Casting, Plastic molding, Painting
Trade show: Grind Tech Japan 2019, FoodEx, Tokyo Motor Show

Transportation Escort in Japan: Airport pick-up, escort to and from the meeting venue can be offered upon request.

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