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Thank you for your Inquiry

Thank you very much for your inquiry.  Please go thorough following information before you send us your inquiry.


1.  If you are inquiring from overseas, please read the payment terms.

2.  All your private information you provide for this site is used for the interpretation assignment purpose only.  For further information, please read the Privacy Policy.

3.  Because of the time difference or depending on the business demands, we may not be able to respond to you in 12 hours.  But we will try to provide information within 24 hours.

4. When your business trip schedule is already fixed and you have the name and address of the client in Japan, please fill in the date and time of the meeting/event/visit as well as the name of your client.  Address and phone number of your customer would also be a big help for time and cost information.

6. We will provide you the work history of the interpreter along with the offer.